A couple of weeks ago I posted an interview with Greg Blackman, in which he spoke about many things including his time working with DJ Vadim. Let’s just say it wasn’t a very friendly account, but it was something Greg felt he needed to share as he said he had remained silent for too long.
Not long after the interview was published I received a lengthy email from Vadim, in which he explained how upset he was by what had been said, as well as countering Greg’s claims with his own version of events. I also got a request from the record label asking for the interview to be removed. I did not want to do this as I felt that Greg should be able to speak his mind, however, I did offer Vadim a right to reply, which he accepted. Below is the statement he sent me, which I agreed to publish:


I have read the interview where Greg slanders my name and says a complete pack of lies regarding the recording and release of the album. In the spirit of true journalism I would like to reply because I’m literally flabbergasted by the avalanche of hate levelled against me.
Of course this is really one man’s word against another, so I am not here to convince anyone, but simply to tell my side of the story. I could bring forward witnesses to back up my words, from record label bosses, to Westbury publishers, to a long line of vocalists I have worked with.
Greg and I hit it off the first time we met and all throughout the creation of the album, everything was great. Yes there were a few moments where a ‘darker’ side of Greg would come out. Like he says, he suffers from a bi-polar condition, but in general every thing went really well till one day, out of nowhere, he told me I was a ‘cunt’ and that was that. Life being life, people fall in and out of friendship all the time, but what was different this time was I still cannot actually tell you why he simply switched. There was no argument or disagreement. There was no third party, creative differences, money issues etc. Do you know how weird it is that something like that happens and what’s worse was we had an album at stake. I always put it down to him being bi-polar. I spoke to a few other producers at the time and I was not the only one that had ‘interesting’ experiences with Greg. He seemed to be fairly difficult with other people too.
Of course I was gutted to be in a downward spiralling conversation with Greg, which basically consisted of, “I don’t give a fuck if we spent two years working on this album, you are a cunt. Fuck off.”.
What does a person do? Just throw away two years of work? Try to reason with a person committing artistic suicide?
Well I did, but it didn’t really add up to very much, apart from more name calling.
So no, I didn’t give up. I went to some labels and got Greg to agree to release it with BBE.
What happened next was his wife contacts me, asking me to help her boost Greg’s online profile numbers, by sharing his profile on my social media pages. Not once, but several times, in personal emails. I was like wow, are you serious? She was like “I know you and Greg have had your thing, but I’m sure it will blow over.”
So I waited (I never spoke publicly about this ever before).
What upset me the most about this whole situation is that for those two years I treated him like my own blood. Cooked for him, drove him and smoked him up… we were friends…
When his wife called me up crying and said Greg had gone off, they had no food or electric and their child had nothing to eat. Who gave them £250? Me.
Who introduced Greg to his publisher, to his label, to other artists to work with? He used my name to open doors with other artists and labels to create his own career… who gave him his profession. He was stacking shelves in a supermarket prior to me. He wasn’t doing music full-time or part-time.
So yes I take it very personally when I am called a liar, buffoon, shit warbling talent vacuum.
As for all the contractual stuff. I never signed any of Greg’s part. That was his dealing. All I did was sign as the producer. It was up to Greg to finalise any financial dealings for any third parties.
I’m sorry he feels I’m completely devoid of any talent. I have sold over 500,000 records, made 12 albums and so many singles. Incredible that I did that without a shard of talent. Imagine what I could do if I was talented? And I’m not going to say I’m chord literate. I’m not going to say I’m a virtuoso on keyboards. But I get by. Is that any different to the hundreds of producers I know? No. In fact most producers I know have some rudimentary knowledge, but are not particularly instrument savvy. If anything, I know a lot more than some, but since when has production of any record been about how good you are on the keys, or guitar? Can Dr Dre play keys? How good are Premier, Dilla, Pharrell, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Mungos Hi Fi? Or are these artists who can put ingredients into a bowl and make something dope out of it?
Lastly, why am I being called André?! My name is Vadim Peare. It’s never been André!! But perhaps that might shed light on his manner and mind, if after working so closely together for several years he can’t even figure out my own name.