Red Pill: Instinctive Drowning

Ever since I first heard Red Pill, his lyrics have had a way of tapping into my psyche and sometimes they cut so close to the bone it was like he was reading notes from my therapy sessions from 10 years ago. None of it as close however, as the latest single and title track from his new album, Instinctive Drowning.
To get personal for a second, over the years I have dealt with (and still deal with) addiction, crippling depression, suicide attempts and the death of my mother; all subjects which Red Pill takes on with formidable honesty in the song.
When this landed in my inbox, the producer Ill Poetic said it’d brought him to tears and I am not ashamed to say the same happened to me. It’s been a long, long time since a record did that to me and it is testament to how powerful words and music can be when it’s in the right hands. The album, Instinctive Drowning is out now, produced in full by Ill Poetic. The intensely moving video, which you can watch above, was made by Ill Po’s partner, Ason Intrigue. The LP is available to download here.

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