Three Headed Beast: Time to Feast

The end of last month saw the release of the new Three Headed Beast album, which is in my eyes their strongest release yet. It’s been a few years and a few projects since the trio first put out a record together and the work they have put in since then has definitely not gone unnnoticed by both listeners and critics.
Comprised of Bristol MCs Jinxsta JX and Twizzy, alongside London based MC MAB, they have all been honing their skills for the best part of the last decade, before coming together to form the Beast.
This particular venture, Time to Feast, is 15 tracks of hungry wordplay all tied up with an obvious love for the art form they all represent.
Production comes from a variety of sources, with big names like the brothers Farma G and Chester P cropping up, as well as beats from the likes of Strange Neighbour, Hutch and Charlie Mac. The result is a varied soundscape that proves that 3HB have more strength on the mic than ever before.
With solo projects from Twizzy and Jinxsta in the pipeline its safe to say this is not the last we will hear from the crew. Time to Feast is available to buy now via Bandcamp.

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