Portishead: SOS

Something a bit different today, but something that needs to be shared. My fellow Bristolians, Portishead, yesterday released a video in tribute to Jo Cox. If you’re outside the UK, Jo was an MP who was shot and killed last week, triggered an outpouring of grief from the public, in part because of her liberal stance on matters such as the refugee crisis and immigration.
This is obviously something that touched Geoff Barrow and the rest of the band, as the video features singer Beth Gibbons in frame for the duration of the track, until near the end when she reaches out to the camera and a quote from Jo’s maiden speech in parliament is displayed on screen. The quote reads “We have far more in common than which divides us.”
The song is a cover of the ABBA classic SOS, which Portishead originally recorded as an exclusive for the recent film adaptation of JG Ballard’s cult novel, High Rise. It worked well in the film, but there is something about the melancholy and haunting melody, which seems particularly fitting for the current atmosphere in the UK.

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