Ill Move Sporadic & Tenchoo: Panic Room 9

Last week saw the release of one of my favourite UK hip hop projects in a while, as Ill Move Sporadic joined forces with Tenchoo to bring us the Panic Room 9 EP.
I’ve already posted a couple of tracks that were leaked in the run-up to the release, including the only guest appearance on the EP from Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson. Not your usual union of styles, but it works well and earned them some play fom BBC 6 Music in the process.
Tenchoo is a beast on the mic – as he proved once again recently in his battle with US vet Copywrite – and his versatility comes to the fore on PR9. Every single track is packed with enough punchlines and intricate wordplay to make DOOM weep, while the beats range from funk laden to drum heavy, as the IMS boys bring their best to the table.
Nine tracks deep in total and not a disappointing bar or beat among them. The EP is available to dowbnload now via Bandcamp.

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