It’s been about 15 months since the first Cult Mountain project was released. Combining the vocal forces of Lee Scott, Milkavelli and Trellion, with the stripped down electronic glitchy wonder of Sumgii’s beats, the Cult garnered praise from critics and fans, even getting a co-sign from the mighty Alchemist. The second project was announced a while ago, but as with most things in UK hip hop it took a long time for the release to reach fruition.
Now it has and I have it had on repeat ever since it landed in my dropbox last week. It is definitely more of the same good shit we’ve come to expect, but maybe with a slightly tighter sound, which is just the natural progression of any group of people making art together, like the difference between the first and second Dead Players albums for example.
The lyrical content is as obnoxiously skilled as ever, with the follow up to SMFDB kicking off the proceedings and they have managed to pack seven tracks into this release, two more than its predecessor – another reason to celebrate. There is also additional production on two of the tracks from Cult affiliates Morriarchi and Drae DaSkimask. The digital download is available now via Bandcamp, with pre-orders for the cassette, vinyl and merch available too. My advice – grab some valis & some bourbon and kick back with the cult. You will not be disappointed.