As soon as you start a blog and have an email address for promo, you get inundated with mail shots. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. A lot of what I get sent is trash (sorry), but once in a while I come across something that genuinely piques my interest.
Today it is the new collaboration between MC/producer Dope KNife and MC Miggs Son Daddy, two names which until today I wasn’t familiar with. According to their PR blurb the duo have been touring together for a while and have now decided to put out their debut project. Stepping away from the standard beats and rhymes formula, the pair have come up with “an album that serves as a soundtrack to a film not yet made.”
Tic Toc is the first offering from the project and serves as a good taster of what is to come. Pre-orders for the full album are available from Dope Sandwich.