Words Hurt: Alkast Remixes

This isn’t a new release as such, but it is the first time I have had the pleasure of being introduced to it. Words Hurt is the brainchild of former Hangar 18 rapper Alaska and Austin based produced Lang Vo. They came together in August last year to bring us the excellent Alkast Remixes project, which is the amuse bouche for their debut album, Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit, which is due out in the next few months. As you can tell from the title this isn’t easy listening style and the Alkast project is no different.
As their bio says “Together [Alaska and Lang Vo] are the embodiment of using spite & self deprecation to block out the rest of the assholes clamoring for your attention.” Hard beats and bars provide the ingredients for a recipe for a moody, paranoid concoction, featuring intricate wordplay and rhyme schemes. From the opening drums on Return of the Angst, featuring Noir Hop aficionado Zilla Rocca, you know this is not one for the kids, but in all the right ways. Curly Castro makes an appearance on Taking a Day and Killers features a guest verse from Elsphinx, all adding up to six strong tracks and a nice introduction to what we can expect when the album drops.

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