Split Prophets: Delta Bravo Kilo

Split Prophets have been a recognised name in UK hip hop since they burst out of Bristol with their Scribbled Thoughts EP. That was back in 2011 and after a slew of solo releases and a couple of posse cuts, this year sees the release of their first crew album, Delta Bravo Kilo. The eight strong collective have brought us 20 solid songs that prove exactly why they’ve amassed so many fans.
There are many different flavours at work on this album, largely thanks to the dexterity of producer Badhabitz. From the funk laden bass on tracks like The Mojo and Bristol homage The Mo, to the hard drums on This is War and No Antidote, this is the perfect canvas for the MCs to go to work on.
One of my favourite things about the Prophets is how distinct all the flows are. We all know those crews where sometimes you struggle to work out exactly who is on the mic cos their raps all seem to blend into one generic flow, but with the SPs variety is the key. And there are no weak links either, not a U-God or Lord Jamar in sight.
Hanitz does the beats on the majority of the tracks with the exception of Money, Another Trip and Not About It, which were produced by Bew Bonik. The latter is actually one of my favourite on the album, along with Mills Lane which comes complete with a boom bap flavour a cut up hook and Funky Dory, with its nice sub bass and particularly tight verses from Upfront and Paro.
Saying that, there aren’t really any let downs on the album at all, even some of the weaker tracks still shit on 90% of the releases I’m hearing these days. Maybe its my Bristol bias, but I really think this is an album that shows that the city’s scene has no sign of slowing down the wave of good music it started putting out almost 30 years ago. Delta Bravo Kilo is available to download now over at Bandcamp.

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