Dead Players: Freshly Skeletal review

Check out the latest offering from what is likely to be my favourite UK album of the year, Freshly Skeletal by Dead Players. I was already a fan of the first album, the self-titled project they released in 2013, but this new album sees/hears them taking on a more mature sound.
It’s no secret that Jam Baxter is my favourite MC in the UK (I would argue he is the closest artist we have to Aesop Rock), so I am already biased. But with good reason cos Baxter is only one third of the reason this album is such a triumph. Dabbla seems to have upped his lyrical game too, with his double time flow sounding more impeccable than ever: “Salamu alaykum my people, whats fucking gwarning?/Hunger seems to lose all its meaning when people starving”.
Back these lyrical titans up with Ghost Town’s crazy array of beats, plus features from Lee Scott, Sox, Ocean Wisdom, Illaman and Orifice Vulgatron, and you have the recipe for a classic. I was going to list my stand out tracks, but I’d end up copying the full track list so it’s best you go and have a listen yourself.
Your first stop can be Drenching, which is the latest joint to be lifted from the album, along with a new video made by Broken Antenna. The album is available to buy now over at the HF store.

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