Rubble Kings


I have spent the past few days catching up on a lot of the documentaries I have been meaning to watch recently, including the excellent Rubble Kings. For those of you not familiar with its background, Rubble Kings is a film that shines a light on the world of gang culture in the Bronx, culminating with the Hoe Avenue peace meeting in 1971. It also shows how the arrival of hip hop helped to bring about a new wave of thinking and focus within the borough’s youth.
This will be familiar territory to anyone who has seen films like The Warriors, but being able to see the actual footage from the time, as well as recollections from the people involved, really helps you to understand what it was like for residents of the Bronx back then and why the gang members did the things they did.
The film was directed by Shan Nicholson and was also produced by Nicholson and a number of other people, including, randomly, Jim Carrey. There is also an excellent score which was made in its entirety by Little Shalimar aka Torbitt Schwartz. I have included the trailer below and if you fancy it there is a mixtape available for free download over at the Rubble Kings website.

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