Taking a step away from the rap world now, as we take a look at the latest reissue from the good people over at Traffic Entertainment. Muddy Waters is a name synonymous with blues music and especially with the pioneering of electric blues. The list of artists he has influenced is long and varied, transcending the boundaries between genres and his legacy continues to inspire musicians who are honing their craft today.

Sail On is a collection of some of Muddy Waters best known early works, which was compiled by Chess Records back in 1958, under the title The Best of Muddy Waters. Released before he had even put out his first studio album, the compilation was a huge hit with American blues fans at the time. It was in the late 60s that Chess rejigged the original tracklisting into what became Sail On and as a testament to the man’s longevity, it is seeing another reissue today. I can’t seem to find a release date for the compilation at the moment, but keep checking the blog for updates. Here is a little reminder of Muddy Water’s greatness, in the form of I’m Ready, which is included on Sail On.