It’s not often I get personal on here, but at the moment I am going through a bit of crisis, involving my eviction among many other things. I am not a man of much wealth so things like this always knock me for six, especially when you combine it with my long-term mental health problems.
I do, however, know some very good hearted people, mainly from doing bits and pieces for the UK scene over the years and so I was truly humbled when the Herrotics boys said they were putting out an EP as a fundraiser for me.
Not only is it a really good EP, with seven tracks to get you moving, but it also only costs £2, so you can do your good deed for the day at the cost of less than 10 cigs.
I have included the player below so you can try before you buy and please holler if you need any more info. A massive thank you to Herrotics, the whole Blah lot and anyone else who has helped so far. Peace.