It’s a question that has been getting a lot of scrutiny over the past couple of months, ever since the arrival of the Your Old Droog EP. Certain tracks on the EP sounded like they were Nas himself, while others sounded like it could still be him, with a bit of pitch adjustment.
Understandably there were people arguing both sides, but for me the evidence to suggest it was actually Nas, seemed to greatly outweigh any evidence to the contrary. Check the 37 minute presentation that Marco PoloVision uploaded to YouTube to see what I mean.
Anyway all of that sorted of faded into meaningless coincidence when I came across an article, on the New Yorker of all places, where the writer had evidently interviewed Your Old Droog and heard him record a track. You can read the full interview here and I’ve included a video that’s surfaced of Your Old Droog rapping