Metabeats “Caviar Crackle”


This month sees the release of arguably one of the most anticipated albums of the past several months. Caviar Crackle is the latest brain child from Welsh producer Metabeats and is the perfect showcase for why he is one of the freshest talents at work in recent years. The few tracks that have been leaked over the past year or so, have worked perfectly in getting the fans salivating for the finished products and thanks to features from people like Action Bronson, the hype has gone international. And with good reason. Caviar Crackle is a musical stew, where a range of different genres come together and blend, to create a truly accomplished sound, engrained with Metabeats‘ love for his art and for music as a whole.
It’s like each time he puts his mind to creating a track in a particular style, the result is a paradigm of how that style should sound. The strolling double bass on the opening track Hookers, is the perfect backdrop for Bronson to let rip and start the album as it means to go on, while the combination of Vanity Jay‘s sweet tones and Meta‘s disco funk odyssey on Passport, sound like they were ripped straight from heart of the 80s. Hard bars from Dubbledge, Marv Won and Elucid are backed up by an equally devastating cascade of drums on Fire and Elucid makes another appearance on the almost house-like Run Up. Other Stateside appearances include Quelle Chris on top form, on a beat seemingly hand-crafted for to his own personal taste, SLSBS, the forever dope Oddisee dropping the vocals on Music (Part 2) and sometime Jonwayne collaborator and lyrical acrobat Zeroh on The Median.
For other high points, I’ve got to mention label mate Ralph Rip Shit for his laid back deliveries on Music (Part 1) and the string drenched bliss of the instrumental Lessons (Ode to Jay), but the reality is the whole album is a high point. Praise where praise is very much due, in Caviar Crackle Metabeats has found an outlet for his musical talents outside, as well as inside the realms of rap and shown he can work them to perfection too.
I’ve posted a couple of videos from the album below, for those that want to familiarise themselves before the album drops tomorrow. It will be available to buy from all the usual spots, including the AssociatedMinds Bandcamp.

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