Edward Scissortongue “BETTER.LUCK.NEXT.LIFE”

Today sees the release of the latest offering from High Focus Records, in the shape of Edward Scissortongue’s debut LP “BETTER.LUCK.NEXT.LIFE” and for me, the album finds a niche that has been seemingly empty in UK hip hop until now. This is not happy hip hop. It is morose, melancholy, paranoid and rambling, but all of those become strange qualities that help to project this album into your mind and not let it leave.
I have always been a fan of lyrics I can get lost in – Aesop Rock being a prime example – and thankfully that is just where Scissor’s talents seem to lie. There are two things you need to have to achieve lyrics like the ones I’m referring to, firstly a huge imagination and secondly a good command of the English language, both of which rear up in almost every track on the album. Take the track “Spastic Max” as an example; you won’t get imagery and descriptions like that from your average rapper these days.
A large part of the moody vibe on “B.L.N.L” is thanks to the production of Lamplighter. He is the only producer drafted in to work on the album, I’m assuming because in Lamplighter, Scissor has found the perfect partner to bring his rhymes to life. The Glasgow based producer uses minimalistic structures to create atmospheric jewels, which Scissor uses to full effect, like the synth tinged title track opener or the only joint on there to feature any guest MCs, “Coma”. Those guests are Scissor’s old crew (and mostly new label mates) Bosh, Baxter, Dike and Key AKA the mighty Contact Play. Good to hear the boys back on a track together and good to hear that they are all still as on point as they ever were.
There is no surprise that High Focus have already got their detractors, who claim that they are stealing focus (no pun) from the rest of the UK scene. But thanks to MCs like Scissortongue and albums like “B.L.N.L”, soon enough those voices of dissent will just become background chatter. The video for “Coma” is due to drop very soon, so keep an eye out for that and make sure you buy “BETTER.LUCK.NEXT.LIFE” as soon as your wallet allows you to. You can cop it from all the usual spots.

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