Jam Baxter “Gruesome Features”

This review is a long time coming and the majority may have already heard the album, but for the good of mankind everyone should be made aware of this release. This is the result of Jam Baxter compiling together all the tracks he has made with other people, over the past couple of years, in between his solo albums.
The list of collaborations is impressive, ranging from fellow High Focus heads Leaf Dog, Fliptrix and Dirty Dike, to other respected names on the mic like Chester P, Ramson Badbonez and Dabbla. Production levels are on a par with the lyricism with some hefty slices of dope from the likes of Illinformed, Pete Cannon, GhostTown and Philly B.
I think it is fair for me to say that this album solidifies Baxter’s position as one of the best MCs at work in the UK at the moment. His wordplay is phenomenal, as demonstrated on almost every track on the album, with “Q”, “Squashed” and “Larvae” standing out in particular for me. “Larvae” is just one of the beats taken from the brain of Illinformed, and features the unmistakable break from 24-Carat Black’s 1973 record “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth“.
Other tracks that stuck with me include “Gourmet Flesh” with Ramson Badbonez, over some big drums from Ben 9mm, “Eggs” featuring everyone’s favourite rapper/joker Dabbla on some Philly B heat and “Borrowed Time”, the Pete Cannon banger, featuring the enigma that is, Ed Scissortongue.
When I say these tracks stood out, I mean they are three I chose cos I think they’re all really dope, but I hate doing track by track breakdowns. This album has basically shoved Baxter way up into the upper echelons of my list of UK MCs who are dope as fuck right now and is also just another example of the quality of music that High Focus are making, thereby saving all of us from certain musical doom. You can buy “Gruesome Features” here and you can listen to “Borrowed Time” below.

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