The Bastard Sunz “Waiting For ‘Tilla EP”


Straight outta Bristol comes the brand new EP from The Bastard Sunz, “Waiting For ‘Tilla”. As the promo blurb says “B’Tilla decided to take a summer’s afternoon to do his usual midweek activity – sitting outside of his local primary school drinking and regaling tales of Bastardry gone by… and did not return for 6 months.”
During this hiatus, the remaining Bastards put this EP together and the result is a (ob)noxious mix of beats and rhymes, that helps solidify the earlier successes of “Le Discotheque Martyrdom”. Featuring on the EP are Milestone, SirPlus, Rola Roc, Respek BA, The Swamps, DJ Rogue and even an appearance from the elusive B’Tol, on “Bastard Redux”.
The EP is available to download now on their Bandcamp and they’ve set it at ‘name your price’, so grab it for nothing if you want, but I know for definite they need all the help they can keeping their gin and pill supplies fully stocked. Stay tuned for more from the Bastard camp coming in the next few months.

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