How did the collaboration between you two come about?

Sonny – I heard him somewhere, found out he had worked with someone I knew; so I got his math, hit him up, did the title track that turned into the ep and here we are now.

Sleaze, you’ve said before how some people have an issue with your accent when you rhyme. Are you seeing that negativity reduce as your following gets stronger?

I think the same percentage of people have an issue with my slang and accent as ever, it’s just I’ve got a few more fans now.

Do you think the freestyle battle scene over here has been overtaken and diluted by the rise of battles with prewritten verses?

Sleaze: It’s deffo become the style that everyone knows. Plus most heads see battling as something completely different now, to what I always thought it was. Mans go really personal with these prewritten things, I dont think you would ever have seen an MC ripping someone else’s dead mom, but you see shit
like that now.

Sonny: Yeah freestyle is dead. You don’t need to be able to rhyme no more, just as long as you got good jokes it’s bless. It’s OK for what it is, I ain’t hatin’.

Sonny, what is it in particular you look for in an artist when you bring them on to your label?

They pretty much become family first, before the music. I wouldn’t have no one around who I wasn’t cool with, just cos they got skills. The artists that we do have on the roster have known me for many years before we did that shit, that’s why they’re on the label basically. I’m not looking for the label to try and blow up off some trendy cunt who don’t know they’re history; all the artists on EatGood been paying dues.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world right now, who would it be, producers and emcees included?

Sonny: Dog the Bounty Hunter

Sleaze: Raekwon


Do you think boom bap is going to survive in UK hip hop, given how many producers are moving away from that kind of sound?

Sleaze: It will survive cos I’ll still be making it, but in what capacity I don’t know; maybe they will start calling it old skool?

Sonny: No i dont think it is going to survive. If you wanna just keep doing boom bap, then other parts of Europe are much more lucrative, however, if you wanna do all this double time dubstep fast shit wearing tight emo garms then the UK is the hotbed for that right now, so you’re in the right place.

How hard is it to break out of your local scene, given the amount of wannabe rappers and producers that are around at the moment?

Sonny: It’s not hard at all, you just gotta grind. In fact, to break out of your local scene is pretty easy now; it’s the next step thats more difficult.

Sleaze: Ha ha just as hard as it is to make money from Hip-Hop in the UK.


Any advice for the up-and-comers, trying to make a name for themselves?

Sleaze: Respect Hip-Hop

Sonny: Respect your moms

Finally, what’s up next for you both after the EP drops?

Sonny: I got an EP with Kelakovski, an LP with Apatight and then I’m gone. if you wanna know what’s up.

Sleaze: My new solo album ‘Arkitectonik’s will be dropping late summer, expect the videos for that to start coming out in the next few weeks. Also GV Clik (my crew) will be droppin’ an album and mixtape this year. Look out for loads of new releases on Greasy Vinyl.

SonnyJim and Sleaze – “Long Road” ft. Nikki Marie

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